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    Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini is a wondrous place, packed with all kinds of activities. There are refreshing mountain lakes, hikes for all skill levels, mountain-biking, rock climbing, horseback riding, skiing, para-gliding, and, yes, fantastic restaurants serving hearty local dishes. It’s perfect for trekkers, shutterbugs, even gourmets. The best part about the park is its massive size; there is a wide variety of scenery and micro-climates and the trails are usually devoid of people. Imagine the perfect vista and it’s all yours. One of the most famous is the Piano Grande, in full bloom each June. Curious to see more? Here are some webcams positioned strategically around the park.

    The park comprises a series of mountain peaks, the tallest of which is Monte Vettore (2,476 metres), the site of a unique alpine lake called Lago di Pilato. Recently, National Geographic Italia discovered one of our favorite hikes inside the park: The Gola dell’Infernaccio. Year-round it’s an impressive little trek, up through a towering gorge cut by a raging (depending on the season) mountain stream. There are impressive water falls, stupendous views and tranquil birch forests. It’s just a short drive from the house into another world. We’ll let National Geographic explain the rest:


    One last thing: park conservationists, along with WWF, are admirably restoring this diverse eco-system to something closer to its original state. Species of red deer, wolves, chamois, and bear, once hunted out of existence, are making a slow, but steady comeback.

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    Of course there’s plenty of culture and cuisine to sample in the region too. Here’s a stunning 4-minute video that gives you a taste of the wonders of Marche.