• Our story

    How I came to discover Amandola…

    I arrived in Amandola in the autumn of 2001. So enchanted with the region, I had to do something rash: buy my second house first. Maybe it was the sybil then who led me to Casa Chiocciola, a stone house on the top of a hill with the most spectacular views I’d ever seen.  My life changed from there. Shortly afterward, I met my future wife, Cristina, a Perugina doing some cultural preservation work down the road in the Renaissance city Ascoli Piceno. Today, we have two daughters and live in Rome. We escape to Amandola whenever we can, which is never often enough.


    Why Sibillini Slow?

    Michael, my dear friend and neighbor, and I have been talking for some time about building a virtual piece of Sant’Ippolito, a place online to swap stories, recipes, photos and more with the many friends we’ve made over the years who’ve decided to holiday with us. We’ve had guests make the journey from Delhi and Denver, and from Devon to Deruta. You’ve inspired, prodded, dared us. Finally, we’ve responded.

    We’re looking forward to meeting more of you and showing you the wonders of this magical place.

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